Females in Sales

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Available for keynote sessions on topics such as:

  • Optimizing Your (Expensive) Sales Tech Stack: inspiration, tactics, and methods to get your sales team to use technology to decrease admin time and increase available selling time (and making more money!)
  • I'm Awesome, So I Hire People Like Me: encouraging your senior HR and sales management teams to think beyond the old boys' network and hire diversity onto the sales staff
  • Stratifying Your Sales Team: how-to and why-to segment your existing sales team into inbound and outbound prospecting, account executives, and account managers for highest bookings and client success
  • Prospecting in the Age of Technology: tips, tricks, and motivation for your SDRs, BDRs, and Inside Sales teams to get in front of the buyers who do >60% of their purchasing research before you even know they're in the market

Our speakers and partners have the experience to propel your team to winning strategies and methods: