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Females in Sales presents …

SELL LIKE A LADY: The Integrated, Holistic Woman's Sales System 

Facilitated Discussion and Coaching on common Roadblocks to successful Selling to include:

- The landscape for a woman in sales

- A fresh look at the sales process, and how to utilize sales technology

- The importance of authenticity when integrating new behaviors

Make sure your 2017 sales are strong with sales training that is designed for and by women.  

This program provides a holistic approach to sales and how you as an individual can personally plan for, and achieve, success.    You will be inspired as you learn in an environment that is supportive, collaborative and targeted!

(This program can also be brought in house for groups.  Contact info@femalesinsales.com for more information.)  

Investment:  $159 (Companies that send 2 attendees get ½ off the 3rd)

Early bird tickets are available for $99 up to two months before the event.

​This was a great opportunity to address relevant issues women in sales face on a nearly daily basis. It was focused, smart and a valuable experience.

Cathy P. MBA Finance, Sales and Marketing 

Are you a woman in sales, struggling to find your perfect role model or mentor?  Do you notice that your peers and colleagues are all guys?  Have you ever thought, we really sell differently?  Have you ever been at your annual sales meeting and the outside speaker or instructor was throwing sports or military analogies at  you and you found yourself leaving the meeting the same way you went in?

Yep, so have we.

Let's fix that together with an inspirational day for woman sales professionals, whose needs are specific and different!

Females in Sales